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Other Classes

LYCAL offers other classes including Mandarin, English Writing, Arts and Hand Crafts, etc. as listed in the Weekly Schedule

English Writing

The writing classes are based on the premise that if children are to write well, they need to write often. They will not duplicate the writing students are required to do at school. Instead, these classes will focus on storytelling, fiction and non- fiction, encouraging students to use their imagination and creativity. Every topic will include a hands-on project. For example, students write their own life story and draw a self -portrait. We read a short story together. Students make puppets of characters and write the dialogues for the puppets. Animal reports-children invent their own animal and write a description. Writing poetry- create a unique way to share it. Syntax, grammar and spelling will be incorporated into the context of the writing.

The format for the class will be:
A Get Ready section- begins the class, using music, art, literature, nature, discussion etc.
Get Set section is a short lesson to brainstorm words and ideas, and give students whatever help they need.
Write section- students begin their draft and work on their project.
Publish section- children share their writing and writing projects.

The goal is to encourage students to become enthusiastic writers who take pride in their own ideas. A hands- on project in conjunction with writing is a good way to get students invested in their writing.